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We are the integration experts sitting quietly in the background since 2005 working with SAP and thousands of SAP partners and customers worldwide delivering Integration Solutions. With our corporate headquarters in Dubai, we operate from Walldorf, Germany; New York; Singapore, and many other countries.

We are the original makers of the Integration Hub and the Intercompany Integration Solution. We develop, maintain, and support solutions to help SAP customers in over 100 countries. Our solutions are sold primarily by SAP from SAP's price list. Customers can buy our products directly from SAP. Customers, looking for more flexible licensing, can also buy our products and services from us.





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Interesting facts about Walldorf

About the beautiful town of Walldorf, Germany

Walldorf is a town in the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis district in the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

Walldorf is home to the world's third-largest software company SAP. In the eighteenth century, it was the birthplace of John Jacob Astor, who emigrated and became a prominent fur trader in the newly independent United States, establishing a monopoly in North America.

In 2005, our executive leadership team traveled to Walldorf to meet with SAP executives. They immediately fell in love with the town. Eventually, they named our company Walldorf Solutions.

SAP Innovation Summit

SAP presenting Integration Hub in Innovation Summit. [Picture courtesy blog.sap.com]

SAP presenting the Integration Hub

Nice, France – April 2019

SAP presenting the Integration Hub

Bangkok, Thailand – March 2019

We won various award and accolade from the industry including the coveted SAP Pinnacle award for being a Global Innovation Partner.

What We Do

We sell the Integration Hub and Intercompany Integration Solution from this website. Our partners (SAP and others) also sell the solutions from their price list. The solutions are exactly the same, no matter who sold them to you. The only difference may be the licensing approach. We strive to build more integration scenarios for you to be successful.

We also provide Implementation, Development, Training, and Support Services for the Integration Hub and Intercompany Integration Solution to any company running the Integration Hub to connect their SAP with any third-party systems or using Intercompany Integration Solution to integrate multiple business units or subsidiaries, intercompany transactions and integration create operational complexity. Minimizing this complexity is critical when you need to integrate with third-party systems or to consolidate financials across all operations for reporting and provide visibility into the performance of each business entity.

We understand that the greatest value one can bring to a business is domain knowledge. This is why we define ourselves as Integration experts and take pride in our pragmatic approach to solving integration problems to deliver services that work locally and globally.

From business process reviews, implementation services to post-production support and ongoing training, Walldorf Solutions provides clients with a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services for seamless integration operations.