Implement Intercompany - Do it Yourself

Implement Intercompany easily with the implementation templates and proven methodologies

As a Walldorf Solutions partner (or customer), you can implement the Intercompany solution using the Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP) and Best Practices to study client requirements and configure an explicit solution serving all the needs. This methodology is divided into the following project phases:


Project Preparation

The purpose of this phase is to identify and plan the primary focus areas that need to be considered, including technical issues as well as project management topics and provide initial planning and preparation for the project. 

Intercompany customer form is provided to the customer to capture the customer’s business details and the most important business processes they want to perform or are performing with the SAP Business One software.

The customer form includes the questionnaire that helps the implementation consultant to identify the customer landscape and their feature requirements from the Intercompany Solution.

Once the implementation consultant receives the filled customer form from the customer, the effort for implementing intercompany solution is calculated using the intercompany accelerated implementation effort calculation sheet.

In the intercompany accelerated implementation effort sheet, the implementation consultant enters the total number of companies, including the head office, branches, and consolidation companies, and also, enters the intercompany feature required by the customer.

Based on the input details, the total effort is calculated for the setup of the intercompany solution in the test and production environment.


Business Blueprint

During the business blueprint phase, use the Intercompany Blue Print Process Questions document to capture the detailed requirements for each business process. The questions are generic, so you can remove questions that are not suitable for your localization or for business processes. This business blueprint document will serve as a technical and functional guide during the subsequent phases of the intercompany implementation project.

After the business blueprints have been recorded, the customer is given the intercompany data template sheet in order to collect information regarding the intercompany setups.

This sheet includes the data for all the intercompany setups needed in the intercompany administration console and the setups needed to be performed in SAP Business One.


Project Realization

Once the customer provides the intercompany data template sheet, the intercompany solution installation begins on the client environment, following the intercompany administration and sizing guide.

All intercompany-related setups are performed using the data provided in the intercompany data template sheet in Step 2 (Business Blueprinting Phase).


Implementation of all the business processes and technical requirements defined during the previous phases are completed in this phase.


Final Preparation

The purpose of this phase is to complete final preparation, including user and administrator training, and complete final system tests.

Training is a crucial success factor for an implementation project. Essential users are responsible for validating a business process. Therefore, they must navigate the Intercompany Solution screens and add and retrieve documents for an intercompany business process.

The intercompany training program covers each feature that aids end users in building confidence in the system.



The intercompany solution is fully implemented in production, and continuous support is provided to improve live operations.



You may raise an incident at the Walldorf support portal if you need help.

To raise an incident, create a user account at

On creating the account, you may submit your support ticket.

As a customer or partner, you may create a separate user account for your support representatives at the Walldorf support portal. All the support accounts of a customer or partner are linked to your single billing account.

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