Introducing the System Health Check Feature

Starting Intercompany Version 51, released in February 2024, users can look forward to the addition of a powerful "System Health Check" tool within the Intercompany Administration Console. This innovative feature empowers administrative users to initiate a thorough health check, obtaining a wealth of technical and functional information pertaining to the intercompany modules.

Now, create a support ticket directly from the Intercompany Solution Setup > System Status dashboard with all relevant system information and Health Check data for faster diagnostics and resolution.

Enhanced Troubleshooting

Fast System Diagnostic > Faster Resolution of Support Tickets

Streamlining the diagnostic process, the System Health Check tool not only simplifies troubleshooting but also significantly accelerates the resolution of support tickets. 

Users can conveniently export data in either XML or zip file formats, providing a seamless method for sharing detailed information when submitting support tickets. 

This functionality ensures a more efficient exchange of information and equips the support team with a comprehensive dataset, reducing the need for multiple interactions to gather essential details.

The individual ‘display’ button opens the data for each module in a new window, enhancing readability and providing a user-friendly experience.

Create a support ticket directly from the System Health Check monitor dashboard. The ticket will have all the required system data for the support specialist to quickly resolve any issue, enhancing your customer experience. 

Enhanced Visibility

For the Intercompany solution, the tool covers health statuses for the following modules:

  • License Status
  • B1iF User Status
  • Add-on Error Log
  • Version
  • Landscape Details
  • Last deployment details
  • SLD connection status
  • Scenario activation status
  • Keymapping data import summary
  • Keymapping data import details
  • Keymapping summary
  • Global data authorization
  • Global data distribution
  • Branch Accounts
  • Default Accounts
  • Default accounts by balance sheet
  • Default accounts by profit and loss
  • Branch partners
  • Document cancellation settings
  • General Settings
  • Messaging/attachment setup
  • B1i server details
  • Exchange rate definition
  • Consolidation landscape
  • Account mapping
  • Control account existence
  • Journal voucher replication
  • User rights for remote query execution

The tool transparently displays extracted data for individual modules, enhancing user visibility about the data to be shared.

The data retrieval statuses are represented by distinct symbols, including red crosses, green ticks, or blue ticks.

Each module has its individual status, conveniently accessible through the tooltip associated with the corresponding result icon.

This visual representation facilitates quick and easy reference to ascertain the status of each module.

The tool encompasses SAP B1iF health statuses under the following categories:

  • General system information
  • Queue Status
  • Inactive IPOs
  • Transaction in last X mins
  • Xecellerator Settings
  • Memory usage

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