Wallfdorf Service Level Commitment

SLA for Initial Reaction Times

Priority 1



VERY HIGH - Priority 1 Incident severely affects normal business transactions and urgent, business-critical work cannot be performed. This is generally caused by complete system outage or a Malfunctions in the Software functions.

SLA for Corrective Action - 24 Hours

Priority 2



HIGH - Priority 2 Incidents seriously affect normal business operations when necessary tasks cannot be performed. The Incident requires immediate processing because the malfunction can seriously disrupt the entire productive business flow.

SLA for Corrective Action - 48 Hours

Priority 3



MEDIUM - An Incident is properly ascribed priority 3 if normal business transactions are affected. Incorrect or inoperable functions causing an error in the Walldorf Software is marked as a Medium or Priority 3 incident.

SLA for Corrective Action - 4 business days

Priority 4



LOW - An Incident is properly ascribed priority 4 if the Incident has few or no effects on normal business transactions. The problem is caused by incorrect or inoperable functions in the Walldorf Software that are not required daily, or are rarely used.

SLA for Corrective Action - 6 business days

Walldorf Service Level Agreement

This document defines the standards that are applicable to the Walldorf support process in general. The terms “Company” and “Partner” used in this document shall correspond to the following terms defined under the Agreement and under this Attachment:

“Company”        shall mean Walldorf and/ or its affiliated group companies.

“Partner”           shall mean billing Partner as set forth under the Agreement.

1. Support Definitions

1.1 “Action Plan”
shall mean a document or report created for the Partner by the Party that is processing an Incident to describe the progress of a Corrective Action for an Incident including (i) description of next steps to be taken, by Walldorf, Partner or Partner’s end-customer, (ii) results of actions taken to date, and (iii) date and time of next status update and a schedule of future activities to reach an Incident Remedy.
1.2 “Corrective Action”
shall mean an action that will provide Partner with (i) Incident Remedy or at least (ii) an Action Plan for the Parties involved in the Incident Remedy process.
1.3 “Escalated Situation”
shall mean any highly critical situation of the Partner that has very serious consequences for normal business transactions for the Partner provided both parties of this Appendix agree that the resolution of such situation requires additional attention by one or both Parties.
1.4 “Local Office Hours”
shall mean – as applicable – Walldorf’s applicable regular working hours (8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.) during regular working days, in accordance with the corresponding public holidays.
1.5 “Processing Time”
shall mean the time period during which a party works on Incident Remedy for a single Incident. For priority 1 Incidents the time is measured as real time, meaning 24×7 hours. For all other Incident priorities the time is measured in Local Office Hours. Processing Time does not include the time, when the Incident has the status “Customer Action” or “Walldorf Proposed Solution” or when it has the status “Partner Action”.
1.6 “Release to Customer (RTC)”
shall mean the date that marks the initial availability of a new release of Walldorf Software to Partners and the beginning of the restricted shipment phase.
1.7 “Service Level Agreement” or “SLA”
shall mean the service level in accordance with definitions, procedures, and schedules as they are defined in Section 2 of this Schedule.
1.8 “Technical Note”
shall mean the accurate and complete description of any error or Incident and of corrective measures and/or correction instructions that need to be applied by customers to remedy or prevent an Incident

2. Definition of the Service Level Agreement

2.1     Qualified Response. Walldorf and Partner agree to provide each other with qualified responses to start the resolution process for a software error that caused such an Incident. This qualified response shall be provided within the SLA for Initial Reaction Time.

2.2     Availability for Technical Support and Escalation. Walldorf and Partner agree to provide each other availability of their support organizations and senior support management for an Escalated Situation twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week (24×7). An emergency and a Critical Incident are to be handled as an Escalated Situations.

2.3     Categorization of Incidents. Walldorf and Partner agree to apply the Walldorf standard definitions and categorizations for Incidents as the Walldorf Support Standards define them.

2.4     Handling Priority of Incidents.

  • Walldorf and Partner agree that Partner shall not modify the priority of Incidents defined by customers. Partner may, however lower the priority of an Incident (i) once Company has provided Walldorf and/or the Partner with a workaround and (ii) if the Partner and Walldorf consent to such change of the Incident priority.
  • Walldorf and Partner shall process Incidents by performing their respective support tasks.
  • Walldorf and Partner shall use their best efforts to respond within the Processing Time for Corrective Action.

2.5     Measuring Processing Time and Incident Remedy.

  • Walldorf will monitor the Processing Times for Initial Reaction and Corrective Action using the Walldorf Global Support Backbone.
  • Processing Time shall start with receiving an Incident in the Walldorf Support portal. Each Company shall confirm the Incident receipt via the Walldorf Support portal within the SLA for Initial Reaction Time.
  • Each Party will work on Incident Remedy in close and direct cooperation and keep the other Party updated on the progress of the Incident Remedy.

2.6     SLA for Corrective Action. The SLA for Corrective Action shall be deemed to be met if

  • within the Processing Time after the Initial Reaction Time, the Partner was proposed an Incident Remedy, if a solution is provided system-based status confirmation will be provided via Walldorf Support Portal.), or
  • the Partner has agreed to lower the priority of the Incident subject to the definition of Incident priority.

2.7     Action Plan. In case Walldorf and/or Partner provide an Action Plan, such Action Plan shall include a status report including:

  • a description of the progress in Incident Remedy
  • next steps planned by Walldorf and/or Partner
  • cooperation actions required by Partner
  • date and time for the next status update from Partner and/or Walldorf
  • due dates for actions to be taken by Partner and or Walldorf, to the extent possible
  • a list of responsible persons allocated by Partner and/or Walldorf to the Incident Remedy.

2.8     SLA on Processing Times, Definition of Priorities, and Response Times.

Walldorf and Partner agree to process Incidents within the time frames below (see table). The respective period starts with receiving an Incident by the Receiving Party (Walldorf Support Portal).

  • Receiving Party shall give Walldorf feedback about the Incident receipt and processing within the initial response time below.
  • Receiving Party shall use its best efforts to solve the Incident within the targeted solving period below.
  • The Parties will monitor the response times.

2.9     “SLA for Initial Reaction Time”

  • Receiving Party will give a qualified response within the defined time;
  • For priority 1 Incidents the time is measured as real time, meaning 7*24 (seven by twenty-four) hours;
  • For priority 2 Incidents the time is measured as Local Office Hours.

2.10    SLA for Corrective Action

  • Receiving Party will provide an Incident Remedy within the specified time frame.
  • The SLA for Corrective Action only refers to that part of the processing time, when the Incident is being processed by Walldorf (“Processing Time”). Processing Time is split into Initial Reaction Time and time for Corrective Action.
  • The Processing Time does not include the time, when the Incident is on status “Customer Action” or “Walldorf Proposed Solution”, whereas (i) the status “Customer Action” means the Incident was handed over to Partner and (ii) the status “Walldorf Proposed Solution” means Walldorf or Partner has provided “Corrective Action”
  • The SLA for Corrective Action shall be deemed to be met if, within 4 (four) hours of Processing Time: (i) Partner proposes an Incident Remedy in alignment with Walldorf, or (ii) Partner agrees to reduce the priority of the Incident.

2.11    Classification of Test Systems 

Identical problem situations in test systems shall normally justify a priority that is one level lower than the equivalent priority in a Customer production system.

3. Definition of the Support Process

3.1     Walldorf will implement a queue for the Partner in the Walldorf Support Portal to allow for this usage scenario.

3.2     Partner Solution Manager will be the entry point for customers in addressing an Incident.

3.3     Partner Solution Manager will forward all Incidents to the Walldorf Support Portal for Incident Remedy.

3.4     Partner must clearly communicate the incident at the Walldorf Support Portal.

3.5     In case a Partner accidentally logs an incident related to another Software (for example SAP software) to the Walldorf support portal, Walldorf will close such tickets without any further investigation.

3.6     In case a Customer accidentally logs an incident related to another Software (for example SAP software) to the Walldorf support portal, Walldorf will close such tickets without any further investigation

Definition of Support Tasks

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