Our engagements involve a team of domain experts who help organizations streamline processes, establish controls, and obtain unprecedented visibility into your Integration needs. Together with our system integration team, we assist you in the strategic restructuring of your Integrations, and fast implementation of your Integration Solutions like Integration Hub and Intercompany Solution.

Integration Health Check Service

To maintain your competitive edge it is vital to have systems in place that will support continued growth. The Integration ‘health check’ provides the business owner with peace of mind by identifying key issues and inadequacies within their Integration landscape.

Why a Health Check

There are various reasons when and why an organization may conduct a systems health check. Typically, it is a combination of several factors including:

  • Change in business requirements based on evolving business needs.
  • Performance issues – whether perceived or documented.
  • Lost productivity resulting from time-consuming work-arounds.
  • Difficulty training new employees due to complicated systems and procedures.
Health Check Advantage
  • Ensure technology and strategy alignment.
  • Maximize systems performance.
  • Identify key issues that may prevent your business from working
  • Minimize operational bottlenecks.
  • Optimize productivity.
  • Discover new ways to optimize your environment
  • Protect your IT investment.

Businesses may not have the resources or expertise to run a comprehensive health check. Relying on domain and technology experts from Walldorf Solutions can save time and resources. The Health Check will review your entire business and technology environment identifying potential or actual performance issues. Post review we provide clear direction of what system and process changes may be necessary to appropriately support your business.

Landscape Sizing

Customers expect their Integrations with SAP to run smoothly and without interruptions. The servers, clients, network and application components should be set up and configured accordingly.

  • Infrastructure Sizing
  • SAP Business One Integration Framework configuration & optimization
  • DI proxy deployment and setup
  • Memory allocation
  • Network and system landscape

Financial Consolidation Process

Intercompany Solution

Mapping and Replication Process

Integration Hub

Intercompany Solution provides in-depth insight into consolidated financial data across the organization without intensive manual reconciliation or duplicate data entry.

  • Setup Multi-Level Financial Consolidation
  • Consolidation Translation Method
  • Consolidation Account Mapping
  • Intercompany Eliminations
  • Minority Interest

Integration Hub provides preconfigured integration templates with mapping and configuration defaults harmonizing technology across multiple systems, data consistency across applications.

  • Confirm Mapping and Configuration Defaults
  • Adding relevant UDF & UDT/new fields
  • Key Account Mapping
  • Replication Check and Monitoring
  • Data Synchronization and Testing

Business Process Consulting

Business process consulting examines the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's most critical processes. It is a key enabler to deliver the highest quality of service, in the most productive way.

Walldorf Solutions provides consulting on challenging and important issues, such as:
  • Mapping core business processes
  • Business process optimization
  • Reducing operations complexity and improve performance
  • Process and Solution Feasibility
  • Optimizing organizational structure
  • Impact of Intercompany Solution on business operations
  • Building and sustaining competitive advantage
  • Outsourcing and offshoring processes and maintenance
  • Training and upskilling resources for operational needs
  • Bench marking performance of the business
  • Strategic Reporting and Analysis
Seasoned Team of Domain Experts

Our seasoned domain experts offer functional expertise and deep industry knowledge for helping businesses across diverse industries. By determining the opportunities for optimization, we work with your team to enhance your capabilities and technology investments for transforming your business into a market leader.

Our experts assist you with:

  • Identifying the needs and bridging the gaps
  • Solutions Consulting
  • Knowledge Transfer
Delivering Operational Excellence

By analysing and optimizing your business process effectiveness and efficiency through process re-organization, we aid you with:

  • Performance Bench marking
  • Shared Services Strategy
  • Product and Operations Integration
  • Improve Collaboration and Control
Delivering Technology Excellence

By helping you optimize your Solution Landscape and offerings, we turn information into useful business insights.

  • Increase Technology Investments Value
  • System Uptime and operations continuity
  • Reduce Operational Cost
  • Technology Infrastructure Assessment and Maintenance
Solution Implementation
Solution Implementation

Walldorf Solutions provides functional and technical services for the complete solution lifecycle. We follow a time-tested and proven implementation methodology. Our experienced Project Management Team helps our customers from the formulation of a project framework, through planning and execution, to go live and beyond

Walldorf Solutions provides a unique blend of onshore & offshore services in the overall solution implementation. This not only offers a great cost advantage but it also ensures the delivery of larger projects on time and in budget.

Global Roll-out
Global Roll-out

Walldorf Solutions provides best practices with a practical approach to the rollout of the Integration Hub and the Intercompany solution across different localizations and geographies. The rollout of SAP Business One with the Integration Hub and Intercompany Solutions across different geographies needs a sound understanding of both local business requirements, the localizations available in solution, as well as a deep understanding of Integration Solution configurations and processes. This avoids the need to build unnecessary interconnected meshes of complex workarounds.

We have developed a methodology that builds on proven principles that allow us to provide a range of solutions across a variety of Integration scenarios.

Development Services
Development Services

Business Processes constantly evolve and we appreciate the challenges and opportunities that these changes bring.

At Walldorf Solutions, we understand the unique needs of growing businesses and have the expertise in customizing SAP Software and the Integration Solutions to meet your business-specific requirements and finding solutions that will help you run your business better.

We have a skilled team who would evaluate your specific business needs by genuinely understanding your processes and growth plans and propose to implement a customized solution accordingly.


Walldorf Solutions provides custom application development services to integrate third party applications with SAP Software.

Our system integration team can design and develop business processes that span multiple systems, integrating data with processes to minimize the risks and reworks associated with disconnected systems. We can integrate various applications and systems that exist within the business, but also integrate the external partner supply chain.

Such integration provides much greater value and operational efficiency to organizations by allowing them to service their customers better.

Solution Upgrade
Solution Upgrade

Application upgrades require sound technical knowledge and expertise to complete successfully. By preparing a unique scope and delivering this through a proven upgrade methodology, we ensure that we always provide our customers with minimum impact and downtime.

Walldorf Solution Services will conduct an assessment to understand the state of your current solution and develop an upgrade strategy to help you take advantage of new features and functionality.

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