As a customer or partner, you may create a separate user account for your support representatives at the Walldorf support portal. All the support accounts of a customer or partner are linked to your single billing account.

Experience the effortless way to create support tickets with our latest enhancement! Introducing the "System Health Check Tool" in Intercompany Solution version 51 and above.

Create Ticket from the Product

Now, generating a support ticket is a breeze, as the tool automatically fills in crucial system details such as version number, database, patch level information, and more.

To initiate the process, users can navigate to Setup > System Status and run the 'System Health Check'. Once the health check is complete, simply click on the "Create a Support Ticket" link directly from the monitor dashboard. This action will seamlessly transfer all pertinent system data into the ticket form, streamlining the support request process.

Additionally, users can enhance the diagnostic process by uploading the health check records. This valuable feature enables our support specialists to expedite issue resolution, providing you with a faster and more efficient support experience.

Embrace the future of support with the advanced "System Health Check Tool" for swift issue identification and resolution. Enjoy a smoother support journey like never before!

Create Ticket from Support Portal

You can submit a ticket from the support portal by manually entering all relevant details. Before submitting the ticket, please search for the solution in the available knowledge base, and if you cannot find any solution, then raise the ticket.

While submitting the ticket, please ensure you provide the below information:

  • Account Name and End Customer Name
  • SAP System and Intercompany Product Information
  • The steps to reproduce the issue
  • Screenshots, videos, or the value being entered to reproduce the issue

Search the Knowledge Base

All the Walldorf product version's release notes and the product knowledge articles are available in the knowledge base section.

You can use the Knowledge Base search bar to look for existing WDF notes or knowledge base articles on your topic.

You can search the knowledge articles based on the keywords to get the desired knowledge article. 

Use System Health Check tool

This dedicated tool for system status assessment, the solution not only facilitates swift issue resolution but also enables users to adopt a proactive approach to system monitoring and maintenance.

Submitting the ticket using the health check tool allows:

  • Accurate System Data like the version numbers, patch level, database and other info
  • Facility to upload the health check report for support specialists to diagnose effectively
  • Seamless creation of support ticket in our support portal

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