As the original makers of the Intercompany Solution and Integration Hub, we have been providing regular updates/ upgrades and L3 support to SAP and thousands of customers for over the past ten years. Starting 1 January 2023, all existing users can purchase the support package for their existing installation directly from Walldorf Solutions.

At Walldorf Solutions, we know your success depends on how effectively you can put your technology solution to work and we know the importance of being there when you need us. Our dedicated 24/7 support team is there to help you. We offer a range of support services, including long-term plans, Incident based support, Landscape Maintenance, and System Upgrades. Our experts can help with everything from SAP Intercompany Solution maintenance to system optimization and application upgrades. Our customer support center is permanently staffed with dedicated service professionals who use the latest technology to log and answer your queries, research solutions and provide accurate advice.

Support 365

Regardless of the way you deploy your Intercompany landscape – on a single server or across servers which are geographically dispersed – Support 365 offers proactive, remote support from day one. This plan covers the entire solution landscape and lifecycle for the entire year.

Support 365 is included with your license subscription. Starting 1 Jan 2023, Support 365 is available to all Intercompany and Integration Hub users. You can purchase the Maintenance and Support package to continue your product maintenance and support. 

Integration Framework Maintenance

As you constantly use the Intercompany Solution the Integration infrastructure gradually becomes complex to manage. You need highly available integration infrastructure to power your business without any gaps in operations together with the uninterrupted flow of real time information within your Intercompany Landscape. Strategic outsourcing of Integration infrastructure maintenance removes the integration bottlenecks and provides assured performance.

Walldorf Solution Services will conduct an assessment to understand the state of your current solution and develop an upgrade strategy to help you take advantage of new features and functionality.

Looking for SAP Intercompany Support?

Get 24/7 fanatical support from the creators of the Intercompany Solution. Register your deployment to view your options. We will assist in mitigating your issues along with giving you a path to achieve revenue sustainability.