Myth Busters

We continue to receive many queries from partners and customers. We thought it may be worthwhile to address all such queries on a single page. The following are the most asked questions. Firstly, please be aware that we work very closely with SAP. Many of our solutions came to light because of SAP’s requirements in the market. Secondly, you can purchase the solutions from SAP or from us. It doesn’t really matter. Buying from us will not give you additional functionalities. Product releases are always simultaneous.

To enhance customer experience, starting 1 January 2023, product support will be provided 24/7 directly by our L3 engineers. Our endeavor is to provide the best solution to our partners and customers so that they can make the best of their SAP Software investments.

Myth #1: Intercompany and Integration Hub are same products.

This is FALSE.

Intercompany Solution and Integration Hub are completely different solutions. Intercompany connects multiple companies running SAP Business One and helps in financial consolidation, intercompany trade and related topic.

Integration Hub connects SAP Software to third-party cloud-based business applications like Salesforce, Magento, Shopify, DHL etc.

Myth #2: I need Intercompany license to run the Integration Hub.

This is FALSE.

Both are different solutions with its own licensing. You can buy Integration Hub license with all connectors included or even buy a single connector.

Myth #3: I need to pay for every user in the company with SAP license to be able to use the Integration Hub connectors.

This is FALSE.

Integration Hub license is not based on user license. Think about it. If you have 200 SAP licenses and require only a Magento connector for a single webshop, why should you pay for all 200 users? You only need to pay a much smaller fee per month for the Magento connector for a single webshop.

You can connect SAP with any application in minutes using the Hub. Infact, once you establish the connection between SAP and Magento (or any other application), your users won’t even have to return to any of the configuration screen.

Myth #4: An OEM partner cannot use Intercompany license.

This is FALSE.

Any partner (OEM or regular) can purchase Intercompany license from this website and use them in their customer install. Know more about our partner program.

Myth #5: I have to purchase the entire Integration Hub even if I need only a single connector.

This is FALSE.

You can buy any individual connector and use them. You can also buy all the connector on a discounted price. Please visit the store for more details.